Product Design

Covaid is a volunteer-requester matching platform that connects mutual-aid organizations to those in need. Starting with three people, the team now has +20 college students from across the nation contributing as social outreachers, web/app developers, and product designers. Covaid now collaborates with six organizations and +2000 volunteers in cities such as Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Charlotte, and Chicago.

As the first designer on the team, I created the design system and interface from scratch. I now lead three other designers on designing various components of the application as well as personally contribute on the developer-side of the project.

Skills —

Information Architecture
Team Management

Timeframe —

6 Months

Collaborators —

Alice Cai
Ricky Chen
Neely Lee

Covaid —

The Covaid platform consists of both a web platform and an iOS app designed for volunteers. Below is a link to the live web application.

Problem —

As COVID-19 spread across the nation, large non-profit organizations began facing paralysis in the form of overwhelming amounts of requests. Currently, the majority of organizations depend on inhumane spreadsheets to manually keep track of volunteers and their current tasks.

We built three primary interfaces for Covaid:

(1) Organization dashboard
(2) Volunteers dashboard
(3) Request flow
Blurred for confidentiality purposes

Creating a Request —

To get help, an individual simply needs to fill out a three step form. Currently, aid is only provided in certain cities.

Organization Dashboard —

Organizations assign volunteers to requests by sending notifications to multiple volunteers via text or email. The first to respond takes on the task.

To alleviate the transitional friction organizations may face, Covaid syncs with Excel, the platform most organizations are coming from.

Organizations are able to send mass notifications for any desired purpose. We call these Beacons.

Volunteer Dashboard —

There are three states of requests: new, in-progress, and complete. This is where volunteers accept or complete requests.

Volunteers have a notification panel which displays any Beacon messages sent by their organization.

If a volunteer is unavailable, he or she is able to toggle to update that. Marking oneself as inactive would prevent organization admins from matching you to new requests.

Mobile App

Currently, the Covaid team is building a mobile app for volunteers. Currently, notification via email is ineffective, annoying, and often ignored.